Blog Posts and Movies

Our YouTube channel posts video compilations from the Dynamic Microfluidics Lab.

For example, we have recent ‘lockdown’ videos of sprays and starting fires, and a compilation put together by MacDiarmid Institute Discovery Awards students.

Other team videos:

  • Dr Matheu Broom features in our recent Journal of Visual Experiments article explaining how he sets up drop impact experiments
  • Science Media Centre videos:
  • Dr Matheu Broom was runner-up in the University of Auckland’s 3-minute thesis competition (2018): video.
  • Dr Ankita Gangotra won the AMP Ignite competition for a 2.5 minute research pitch (2016): here’s a report on Scoop and the video of her presentation.

Earlier blog posts:

Social Media

Instagram page where Sina Safaei shares some of his molecular dynamics simulations

Twitter: team members @GeoffWillmott, @Santhos79166673 (and former members @ankipodean, @MatheuBroom, @PhysSteve)

Recommeded follows:

  • @UoA_Physics, @MacDiarmidInsti, @NZPhysics
  • @fyfluiddynamics for droplets and fluids
  • @TheNanoporeSite for nanopore science

Other Media Features

  • Radio NZ podcast featuring MacDiarmid Institute researchers (from around 18 min 30) on antibacterial and antiviral surfaces (2020).
  • Article in The Spinoff for the MacDiarmid Institute on materials for sustainability (2019).
  • Interview for a NZ Herald article about a falling pane of glass in Auckland’s CBD (2019).
  • Contributed to articles in The Spinoff regarding end of year ‘revelations‘ (2018) and Sir Paul Callaghan (2016).
  • Radio appearances on Radio NZ’s One Quick Question discussing ice spikes (at 4 min, 2017) and bubbles (at 1 min, 2017).
  • Contributed to a North and South article regarding Government’s plans for assessing the impact of science (2017).
  • Description of the “Physics at the Interface” group at Auckland for AAPPS Bulletin (2017).
  • NZ Geographic profiled our research regarding water drop impacts on NZ native leaves (2014).
  • Geoff on Radio NZ’s Our Changing World (2012).
  • Feature on awarded Marsden grants, including Geoff’s, in the Dominion Post (2012).
  • Profile of Geoff and rugby physics in Hutt News (2011).